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In order to promote your business on a wide scale, we can help you to launch it in a right way and without much hassle.

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Our Vision & Mission


We are determined to become the India's Top five first-class service provider in IT and e-commerce by creating added value to our clients' portfolio.


In pursuit of excellence and outstanding performance, we create customized solutions to meet the sophisticated traits of modern world to help every customer to have an exceptionally satisfying service.

Our Core Values

Ayon always believe in translating an ideas or invention into service that creates value in business.We try to implement new organisational method in undertaking's business practices, workplace organisations or external relations.

Ayon is a competent service provider for Real Estate & IT sectors, Software's etc.We put our customers first and our work ethic is customer centric. Till now we have 50000 plus satisfied customers and they are enjoying long term business relation with us.

We empower our employees to believe in everyday ideas that create immense value for our customers.We work in a team, which gives a friendly & trustworthy atmosphere to the customer.

we are Best

Ayon Group is a company that does business in different markets whose team members are linked by relations of interpersonal trust.

Premium Support

It cultivate a close, ongiong working relationship between our customers

  • Emphasis on customer need
  • Proactive technical team
  • Strong business alliance
  • Thousand plus happy customers
  • Revolutionary flow work method

Management Desk

  • Mr. Himanshu Arora is an industry veteran with over 12 years of experience in heading the business with his efficient and effective hardwork. He started his career as a businessman at a very early age by looking after his role model who is not any other person but his father. He has developed a product and services along with the controlling technique by looking at the things differently which has an impact on the business of any people.

    At that time, when IT was at its infancy, Mr.Himanshu Arora is one of the founding person, who has worked differently in different types of services to highlight the importance of “Digitization”.

    At that time, when IT was at its infancy, Mr.Himanshu Arora is one of the founding person, who has worked differently in different types of services to highlight the importance of “Digitization”

    He was associated with key acquisitions and expansion of company’s footprint from a single asset company into a company with the presence in 4 places with multiple assets. He played a key role in evaluation & acquisitions of many projects and maintaining healthy relationships with the big companies.

    He has been instrumental in building a strong, professional, organizational culture and put the company firmly on a steady growth path. He has a keen insight into emerging trends and evaluation of the sector and has a dream of becoming a top industrialist.

    Mr. Himanshu AroraChairman and Managing Director
  • Mrs. Niti Arora, holds the position of Managing Director in a company from last many years. She joined the company at the initial level and have over 6 years of experience in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating schemes and programmes across different departments in different offices.

    She conceptualize all the aspects of management essential for the proper functioning of the company in an advanced manner. In her role, She oversees special projects on behalf of the chairman & CEO, including the company’s Ayon way effort.

    She invented number of internal strategy positions and contributed to the Ayon human capital strategy.

    For her contribution to leadership and management, Mrs. Niti Arora was conferred with the Ayon Leadership Award.

    Mrs. Niti AroraManaging Director
  • Mr. Rajiv Sikka has taken over the reins as the CEO in ayon group. He started his professional journey years back in the field of Real Estate and he is keen analytical acumen coupled with a people centric approach which has been his forte. He has an experience of handling various management issues in a manner that it will result in betterment of the company. After joining this company he started both the ventures as he holds the hand of Mr. Himanshu Arora with the mind set of taking up the company to the heights of success.

    Prior to his appointment as CEO, he has progressed through senior management roles in Real Estate sectors including all the major projects with big companies.

    He was acclaimed for his performance in heading the “Real Estate Sector” from the starting of his career and trained many professionals with the analytical skills who is working with the big 4’s.He has a depth knowledge of management.

    Under his guidance, the Company has led the delivery of cutting-edge IT solutions that drive growth, streamline performance and promote efficiency. He has provided much needed support for effective use of IT products for real time information. During his tenure, Ayon has conceptualized an ambitious companywide projects for creation of a unique ideas into reality in both the ventures.

    Mr. Rajiv SikkaChief Executive Officer

Achievements or Awards

Ayon constantly strives to operate in a safe manner

In fact, we strongly believe that something is worth doing only when it is done in accordance to our principles that ensures superior quality services & product to the people of our communities and environment, where we operate.