About us

We believe that future is now which means the time to act fast & smart now.

Ayon Group is a leading company formed by group of leaders And comprising of huge employees as a back of the company. Ayon group spirit of branding has also been evident in the investments it has made in two ventures namely Real Estate(Goproby) & IT (Gobuzy).

Ayon Group has stepped into these ventures with full enthusiasm and dedication keeping in view the height of success and growth. We delivered remarkable services in both the sectors and had build up a healthy relation with all the clients whether it is an IT sector or a Real Estate Sector. We provide value driven services and solutions to its customers by leveraging its ventures in two sectors such as Real Estate and IT sectors.

Why we are Best

Ayon Group is a company that does business in different markets whose team members are linked by relations of interpersonal trust.


Our Businesses

Our Vision & Mission


We are determined to become the India's Top five first-class service provider in IT and e-commerce by creating added value to our clients' portfolio.


In pursuit of excellence and outstanding performance, we create customized solutions to meet the sophisticated traits of modern world to help every customer to have an exceptionally satisfying service.